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Diagnosis & Treatment


In order to provide the most effective treatment possible, a proper diagnosis must be made. Chiropractors use the same methods for consultation and physical examination that all doctors use. To develop these skills, chiropractors train thoroughly in differential

diagnosis, x-ray and orthopedic testing. This is crucial because a health problem may have different causes. For example, a headache could be caused by a pinched nerve, a brain tumor, an allergen or a blood infection - all of which require different treatment. Our first responsibility however, is to determine whether we can help a patient with Chiropractic care or if they should see another specialist.


The word chiropractic was created from the two Greek words, "cheir" ("hand") and "practikos" ("done by") because hands are the tools that chiropractors rely on most. Our primary technique of spinal care is known as the Spinal Adjustment, the application of a precise force to realign the vertebrae back to their anatomically correct positions. Only the chiropractic physician has developed the expertise and sensitivity needed to know when, where and how to apply this specialized form of spinal manipulation. Additionally, the chiropractor may apply intersegmental traction for spinal compression or extremity adjustments for frozen shoulders, painful knees, elbows and ankles. There are various techniques taught in chiropractic schools, all are designed to alleviate pain and suffering, restore normal organ function, relax contracted muscles and free-up restricted spinal joints. The primary goal is to restore the normal transmission of nerve impulses, thereby allowing the body to heal itself and stay well, without medications.

Prevent future problems

In addition to correcting your current symptoms, we are also concerned with preventing future problems. Prevention may include doing certain exercises and making adjustments to your diet and lifestyle etc. I can't stress enough how much easier, more cost-effective and less time consuming it is to fix a problem in its early stages as compared to letting a problem get out of hand before trying to treat it. We all know that it is much better to prevent tooth decay than to wait until the pain is excruciating before taking action. My ultimate goal as a chiropractor is to keep my patients pain free and healthy. I like to bring them to the point where they rarely need to see me except for the occasional checkup and maintenance treatment to ensure optimum quality of life.