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At Spring Street Chiropractic, we can provide treatment for many different conditions and ailments. This page is meant to provide an overview of the treatment process. Your specific regimen will be personalized to your needs and may be slightly different from what you read here.

For the best results trust Spring Street Chiropractic to help you understand your pain. The literature is the first step but the specialists and chiropractic services in our locations in Manhattan are the next steps toward relief and recovery.  


Just like with any other medical problem, proper chiropractic treatment starts with a proper diagnosis. We use the same methods for consultation and examination that all doctors use, including differential diagnosis, x-rays and orthopedic testing. Our first order of business is to determine whether your particular ailment can be treated by chiropractic care.

Take, for instance, a headache. A headache can have many different causes: a pinched nerve, a brain tumor, an allergic reaction, or a blood infection, to name a few. The proper treatment depends on the cause of the issue. If we determine that the cause is something we can treat, we can proceed with chiropractic care. If not, we’ll refer you to another specialist.

Chiropractic Care Manhattan, NYC

Chiropractor Manhattan, NYC


The word chiropractic comes from two Greek words, cheir ("hand") and practikos ("done by"). Chiropractic is hands-on treatment: chiropractors use our hands to perform spinal adjustments. We use precise force to align the vertebrae back to their proper positions. Depending on your precise diagnosis, we may also use other techniques, such as intersegmental traction or extremity adjustments, in order to treat problems such as spinal compression, frozen shoulders, and others. While different techniques are taught in different chiropractic schools, the primary goal is to restore the transmission of nerve impulses to allow the body to heal itself and stay well.

Preventing Future Problems

As we all know, preventing a problem from happening in the first place is often better in the long run than treating it after the fact. We might suggest that you make some adjustments to your diet, change some facets of your lifestyle, or do certain exercises. Our ultimate goal is to help you to stay pain free and healthy. We look forward to the day when you’ll only need to come back to us for occasional checkups and maintenance treatments.

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